Natural. Small batch. Handcrafted.

Bicycle Soap Company believes in taking simple ingredients and elevating them to their highest form. A reflection of the days when you didn't have to be a chemist to read an ingredient label. Take us for a ride and see what you think.

100% natural luxury soaps with true benefits.

Bicycle Soap Company soaps are handcrafted with 100% natural essential oil blends and fair trade and sustainably harvested plant-based oils and butters. Free of artificial colorants and fragrances, each small batch recipe is carefully crafted to deliver maximum benefit and remedy to a variety of skin types and conditions. Whether you seek a soap that is naturally detoxifying or mild and soothing, from specialty exfoliating and shave bars to everyday use soaps, we have the ingredients to nourish your skin's needs.

Fair trade. Unrefined.

Bicycle Soap Company uses only Fair Trade unrefined shea butter from Global Mamas in our products. The shea butter is a yellow/ivory colored natural oil which is produced by crushing and boiling of shea nuts from the Karite Tree. Global Mamas Pure Shea Grade “A” unrefined shea butter is of the finest quality. It is produced in the Northern Region of Ghana. “In a remote region of unforgiving drought, famine and poverty, the Karite tree has sustained life since it began. Since the 14th century, women have been working together to process the nuts into products that have enhanced their lives. [Global Mamas] work[s] with over 700 women in the Damongo area who practice the centuries-old trade of collecting the fallen nuts of the Karite tree, and laboriously transform them into the silken, nourishing and versatile creamy substance known as Shea Butter. [Global Mamas] assures the quality and authenticity of our Grade A shea butter. Buying [products made with] Global Mamas Pure Shea gives women an opportunity to support themselves, and also feed and educate their families in a sustainable partnership with nature.”